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Make impact on Challenges in society

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Inclusive Society

Digitalization of Society

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Reimagining collaboration

Browse and join the Challenges you care about, or build your own community. Connect with people and organizations with shared interests. Work together in a dedicated online space, using best practices for collaboration and innovation. Alkemio is open for all, and free for individual users.

Enjoy exploring, connecting and making change happen!

How can you use Alkemio?

All stakeholders in society can benefit from using the Alkemio platform. For solving the Challenges that are important to you. Discover some ways you can benefit from using Alkemio.



Public Entities



Science & Education

For Citizens, you can contribute to Challenges you care about, such as better support for refugees in your hometown. Or build your own community to help make society more inclusive or reduce food waste. Enjoy engaging in a community with purpose!

Quick steps to get started


Joining a Challenge: 3 quick steps

  1. Browse
  2. Join
  3. Engage

Building a Community: 5 quick steps

  1. Describe
  2. Add Challenges
  3. Connect
  4. Engage
  5. Explore
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The trusted platform for society to make progress

Alkemio was founded after seeing the difficulties society had collaborating on COVID-related Challenges.
We love tech and believe it can really help, if done the right way.

Purpose driven, with public values central

Steward ownership, to guarantee the purpose and independence from Big Tech

Open source, to benefit society

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© 2023 Alkemio Foundation